Superior service and unique technical expertise are at the heart of our government and not-for-profit practice. Special rules applicable to government accounting and auditing are highly complex and expertise in this area comes only with years of experience.The same is true of the non-profit world.

Through frequent communication with an entity’s governing body and management, we are better able to identify the critical needs of the organization and improve its ability to manage resources, safeguard assets, and comply with laws and regulations.

We offer services to assist management and the board to meet their fiduciary responsibilities for accountability, to safeguard and allocate the organization’s resources wisely and efficiently and to instill confidence and trust in their commitment to fiscal integrity and responsible leadership.

Our services include:

  • Federal and state tax compliance
  • Financial audits and reviews
  • Audits in accordance with government auditing standards
  • Internal control assessment and design
  • Audits of 403(b) plans
  • Specialized consulting services